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And I built a home,
for you,
for me.

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WSJ Magazine featuring Emilia Clarke - Mood Board (1/?)

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need to stop.

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"I don’t know, I’m literally the most awkward, socially strange person."

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"The Swamp Mud is a metaphor, her metaphor. She’s a sophisticated witch with extraordinary gifts. Hiding out as a hippie swamp rat. From humble hillbilly stocks, she’s been a witch since birth. Her power and humanity separating her from everyone around her. In fact, those around her tried endlessly to destroy her in order to mask their own evil purposes. Yet she rose from the ashes stronger than ever, more fully realized. A living testament to the greater ideals of our coven. Power, compassion, and uniqueness. We are lucky to have found her and she us."

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You have a lovely face - Caitlin Stasey

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You love a girl! You don’t love a queen, or you would allow me to be one!

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"I don’t give a shit about being approachable…" - Aubrey Plaza

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